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Resetting My Routine

5 months into what feels like neverending quarantine and I decided it was time to take stock of my daily routine and reevaluate my habits, think about what changes I would like to make and implement them! As a semi-pro list maker, I know that 

TGE Trip 2019 – Day 6 9/1

Today is our final day in Kenya… And we had a lot to accomplish during our last few hours at Morning Star. On today’s agenda: fixing the merry-go-round, building a bed, organizing the tool and supply rooms, and finally the closing ceremony. Drew and Harrison 

TGE Trip 2019 – Day 5 8/31

Today marks our last full day in Kenya and we are all very sad… To spend our last day here, the group had two options. One – to visit Sikizana to see the fish farm project that TGE implemented (but it was a 4.5-6 hour 

TGE Trip 2019 – Day 4 8/30

For each TGE Group that visits Kenya, there is an allotted “free day” each week to go out and do something in Kenya. Two years ago, Drew and Susan opted to devote that “free day” to an academic incentive trip for the kids at Morning 

TGE Trip 2019 – Day 3 8/29

Today’s schedule was similar to yesterdays and we paid visits to two schools: Riora and Kangoya. These are two more schools that TGE is donating music programs to (7 in total). The program includes recorders, pianos, drums, guitars and the wind instruments. Today we delivered 

TGE Trip 2019 – Day 2 8/28

We kicked off day two with a slightly earlier start and prepared to head out for our day’s excursions. Today we visited Ndumberi Primary School and Benson Njau School, two schools that TGE is donating music programs to. The programs includes recorders, pianos, drums, and 

TGE Trip 2019 – Day 1 8/27

Week Two TGE Team has arrived in Kenya! After some flight mishaps, the team finally made it back to Morning Star at around 1 AM on 8/27 to find a delicious late night meal prepared by chef Benjamin and then headed off to bed to 

Safari – Kicheche Mara Camp & Nairobi – 8/29

Safari – Kicheche Mara Camp & Nairobi – 8/29

This morning we made our final game drive through the Mara North Conservancy to the airstrip to catch our flight back to Nairobi. We had a very nice final morning in the Masai Mara. We drove around for a little while and watched the sunrise 

Safari – Kicheche Mara Camp & The Crossing – 8/28

Safari – Kicheche Mara Camp & The Crossing – 8/28

Today we decided to test our luck and see if we could view the crossing of the Mara River. This year, they expect two million wildebeest, 300,000 zebras, some topi, gazelle, and eland will cross the river. So far this year, the crossing hasn’t taken 

Safari – Kicheche Valley Camp & Kicheche Mara Camp – 8/27

Safari – Kicheche Valley Camp & Kicheche Mara Camp – 8/27

This morning we departed camp with our new guide Richard and embarked on a game drive to our next destination the Kicheche Mara Camp. This morning we actually did see two dik diks. After driving around for a little while we stopped to have some