TGE Trip 2019 – Day 2 8/28

We kicked off day two with a slightly earlier start and prepared to head out for our day’s excursions. Today we visited Ndumberi Primary School and Benson Njau School, two schools that TGE is donating music programs to. The programs includes recorders, pianos, drums, and guitars. Today we delivered the recorders, but the rest of the instruments won’t arrive until next year likely. We also presented some donated soccer jerseys along with some soccer balls which the kids were very excited about! The goalie struck quite the pose! Neither of the schools were in session yet, so the administration offered our visit as an opportunity for them to choose to attend and at each school we provided workshops for 130-180 kids. Each school prepared several songs for us and we even had the pleasure to watch a dance routine set to a CD prepared by one of the students at Ndumberi (Susan got his autograph because he has over 1 million views on YouTube!). After the opening ceremonies we broke off into groups and did activities ranging from coloring and decorating book marks to Lego building to looking for Waldo to parachute and red-light-green-light. Finally, we served them all a snack of milk and bread and said our sad goodbyes.

After departing the schools for the day a few of the TGE team members visited a local hardware store to pick up some supplies and see what a local store is like. We were very surprised to see how much staff the store had! And apparently our trip brought good luck to Nairobi because just before we arrived at the store a rainstorm began that persisted for a while and caused some flooding in the streets. We’re told the rain was much needed so everyone was very happy!

To finish off the evening we enjoyed an indoor movie with the Morning Star kids complete with popcor