You Only Shanghai Once

This post is pretty much a compilation of China related things that may not have made it into my daily posts. Maybe you will find it interesting!

#YOSO has been our motto for the week – “You Only Shanghai Once” – and has been our excuse and motivation to try lots of new experiences!


You would not believe the way traffic works in Shanghai. The driving is absolutely insane. Everybody is cutting off everybody else and as far as I can tell there are no real traffic laws or speed limits. People drive in between lanes and through red lights. VERY AGGRESSIVE.

Also, the traffic lights have timers showing how much longer for a light change on red or green lights.

The police always have their lights flashing, but don’t seem to regulate traffic at all.


The delicacies here are sea cucumber, turtle, frog, and pig feet. Pretty exotic compared to what we’re used to eating!

The Chinese food is also much greasier here as they cook with a lot of oil.


In Shanghai, most people speak at least a little bit of english so I was able to get by with just a couple phrases: “Hello” “Thank you” “How much?” and “Too expensive.”


In China, you never take the first price offered. Expect to pay 1/10th or 1/3 of the price they offer.

Haggling is expected and it is really fun. You don’t want to be rude, but they should be upset when you leave – then you know you got a good price!

Other Random Things:

If you see a massage place that is pink (a “pink massage”) that is not the massage for you haha.

The exchange rate is 6.1 RMB for $1, which is awesome! So for $161.29 you get 1000 RMB.

Being blonde and American means people will take pictures of you and with you and you will be a low key celebrity in China.

You can’t drink the water or clean your cuts with it or you will get sick. So I spent a ton of money on bottled water. In some cases  beer is actually cheaper.

In China, instead of tasting and sipping wine like we do they chug it in big gulps.

xoxo J