Barcelona, Spain – Day 24

July 18, 2015

I walked back to my apartment and managed to get inside after a little effort because everyone was asleep and I had no keys… Then I took a little nap and Sarah and I tried to buy tickets to Barcelona Beach Festival.

The ticket site wouldn’t process our order for some reason, so we spent hours trying to figure it out with no luck. We took a break to go get some birthday brunch at Brunch and Cake. The wait was an hour for a table so we got some cafe con leche and then came back when it was ready. The service was really slow today, but the food is so worth it. OMG, chicken pico de gallo sandwich is bae.

After brunch we went home for some more naps. It was really really hot in our apartment though so napping wasn’t too successful.

Sarah and I decided we would just head over to the venue to try and scalp some tickets since we weren’t having any luck. But last minute we got a contact for a scalper to meet on Passeig de Gracia. So we headed over to the guys apartment first and hung out there for a little while pre-concert before we left to go get our tickets. We were early to meet him so we went and got some wine and a couple pintxos at Tapa Tapa while we were waiting.

With tickets in hand we headed to the concert! It was crazy getting in, there were so many people and they were hearding us in through a few different gates. Finally we got in and met up with friends!

The concert was so so so much fun. Wow. So glad that we went. I was pretty tired for a while, but everytime I considered going home a good song would come on so I would stay.

It was an EDM festival called Barcelona Beach Festival and David Guetta, Martin Garrix, and Hardwell were headlining. Martin Garrix was the last to go on and his set didn’t even start until like 3:30 and it ended at around 5. I ended up staying until the very end of the concert because it was too fun to leave. At one point Martin Garrix had everyone sit down on the ground and then jump up in unison when the beat dropped. SO COOL.

Randomly these big Indian guys were wrestling in their underwear right next to us in the crowd, it was really unusual…

We left at the end of the concert after one encore and everyone was leaving en masse.

There was so much trash on the ground it was insane and it was so dusty!

Since it was after five we decided to take the metro home. We went to the first stop and it was so crowded that the entire inside was full, a line up the stairs, and a crowd above the metro stop. We decided to head to the next stop. Luckily that stop wasn’t far and it was way less crowded.

We got in and then had to wait for Bruce to buy a metro pass. It was here in the light that I realized how dirty I was. Holy crap. My white shirt was a brownish color and my legs and hands were covered in a thick coating of dirt. I would definitely be in need of a shower.

By the time I got home it was 6:30 in the morning and the sun was up. Gnarly. BBF was so fun, but I was ready to pass out!!

xoxo J