Barcelona, Spain – Day 8

July 2, 2015

Getting two hours of sleep isn’t something I enjoy I’ve decided haha. In Spanish today we had a quiz that I think went well. We also learned some more vocabulary. It is crazy how much there is to learn!!!

For Contemporary Spain today we took class outdoors into Barcelona! J We walked to the Catedral de Santa Eulalia first which was built in gothic style in the 13th to 15th centuries. The Cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona, Spain.


Next we went to Placa de Sant Felip Neri, a courtyard that contains a school and a church, that was bombed by Nazi planes that were assisting the Nationals during the Civil War. During the bombing 42 people died, mostly children. The square is very quiet and has a romantic atmosphere almost, but it is very sad and carries with it a very heavy sense of loss.


Next stop: Palau de la Generalitat and the Ajuntament de Barcelona these are the government buildings of Barcelona where the President of Catalunya works.


Then we went to the Parliament building and toured the building and learned about how the parliament operates in Catalunya. The building is so beautiful and intricate.


We left there and walked through the park to the Magic Fountain (OMG) and the Arc de Triomf in Citadel Park where there is also a zoo and a mini lake where you can rent a boat to row. Then we headed back to CEA.


I went home after that and started updating these blogs so that I can get everything down before I forget it!! And then Sarah and Addie and I got some tapas for dinner around the corner from our apartment.

Tonight we ended up going to Cyrano, the pour your own drink place, and met up with a bunch of other people in CEA. Before that we made our usual stop at Espit Chupitos and were the only ones there! We befriended the bartenders who told us to go to some of the gay clubs in our neighborhood. After Cyrano, we finally succeeded in making it to Bling Bling after three separate nights of attempts haha. I think there was some kind of hippie theme going on there tonight because there were flower, peace sign and marijuana leaf cut outs hanging from the ceiling? Bling Bling ended up being really fun and we stayed there until late into the night.

We took a taxi home, but fit five of us in there instead of the four people that were allowed. The taxi driver was nice until he realized there were too many of us in the cab and then he kicked us out and we had to walk thirty minutes back to the apartment. So that was unlucky.