Tour – Florence, Italy and Venice, Italy – Day 9

August 2, 2015

Today we left Florence and took a train to Venice with Ash. This turned out to be a VERY interesting day… Nothing really went as planned… Harrison and I had booked a hostel that turned out not to even by on mainland Venice so we ended up vetoing that and booking a last minute room after trekking around Venice for hours and hours carrying our suitcases up and down bridges and through narrow alleyways.

During out torturous trek we did stop and get a nice Italian lunch on the water before heading back to our rooms.

I can’t say enough how stunning Venice was! I wish we had more time to spend here because everything about it was absolutely gorgeous.

After a quick nap in our room H and I went to go meet up with Ash in the main Piazza. On our way through the square Harrison and I were stopped accosted by a man who shoved seeds into our hands and we were then attacked by seagulls! One even landed on my head! It was terrifying and really, really gross. Afterwards he asked us for 20 euros! I only gave him four though…

We eventually met up with Ash and continued our city wanderings on our last night with him. We went to go see the Rialto Bridge. Unfortunately more than half of the bridge was undergoing restoration and someone thought it was a good idea to put the stupidest billboard advertisement on it with a picture of a guy with the quote “This guy is sitting on a bridge.” SO lame…

We got a nice dinner on the water (because everything is) next to the Rialto Bridge and watched the sunset awaiting “blue hour,” something I had read about online. After sunset, everything in Venice takes on a romantic blue tone that is just breathtaking. We sat on a dock and took pictures for a while before venturing out to get Ash his first scoop of gelato and then returning home and going to bed.

xoxo J