Barcelona, Spain – Day 14

July 28, 2015

Today we had class and reviewed for tomorrows midterms. Then after class we went to walk around the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. We stopped by the Cathedral, but we couldn’t go inside because they have strict rules governing what you must be wearing – shoulders covered, mid thigh – and we did not meet the requirements. We got some really awesome gourmet gelato at Gelaati Gelaati! that was amaaaaaazinggggg OMG! and looked in some really cute shops for a few hours before heading home.

I went home and proceeded to study the rest of the night until 4 in the morning for tomorrow’s midterms 🙁 Which was especially depressing considering my roommates all went to see Kaskade at Opium.

I better have done well on my midterms!!

xoxo J