Barcelona, Spain – Day 6

June 30, 2015

Tuesday went basically the same as Monday, pretty standard when you have a set class schedule! We got lunch downstairs in Organics again. They have really yummy, healthy salads.

After class ended today Alison, Sarah, and I used a free trial at a gym down the street from CEA. It was by far the nicest gym I have ever been to in my entire life, it was unreal!! It’s called Holmes Place. We spent a little over an hour at the gym and it felt soooo good to workout. After that Alison and I headed over to El Corte Ingles to pick up a few groceries. Corte is an 11 story mall with a grocery store in it, but you can find anything you need there pretty much.

On the way home from Corte we stopped for an early dinner at Brunch and Cake because we were tired and hot and wanted to take a little break. We had the most amazing pulled chicken, pico de gallo sandwiches. I couldn’t even eat half of it! This is literally the cutest brunch restaurant, I’m so in love with it and their food is amazing!

After that we went home and took some much needed showers and did some homework and chopped some of the veggies we bought for easy use and got ready for the night. Tonight Diplo was at Razzmattazz and we got tickets for 19 euros!

Beforehand we decided to go to a bar called Pippermint where they serve enormous group drinks up to 13 LITERS! We decided to stick with the 6 liter option haha. But we got SO lost on the way to Pippermint it seemed impossible. We took the metro to the closest station, which was still a 15 minute walk to the bar, but when we got off we were oriented wrong and walked in the wrong direction for a half hour! We ended up catching a taxi because otherwise we would never have made it anywhere at all!

We were also planning on walking from Pippermint from Razzmattazz until we looked up directions and saw that it was over an hour away! Oops… Razzmattazz was set up way better than Opium in that they gave out plastic cups, not glass, so there wasn’t broken glass everywhere. But that didn’t stop someone from spilling an entire drink down the front of my dress… Razzmattazz is a four story club with one story dedicated to bathrooms, one to dance floor, a smoking lounge, and an upstairs lounge area. It was a fun night and Diplo was really good!! We didn’t get home until 5 AM!!

xoxo J