TGE Trip 2019 – Day 3 8/29

Today’s schedule was similar to yesterdays and we paid visits to two schools: Riora and Kangoya. These are two more schools that TGE is donating music programs to (7 in total). The program includes recorders, pianos, drums, guitars and the wind instruments. Today we delivered the recorders, but the rest of the instruments won’t arrive until next year likely. We also presented some donated soccer jerseys along with soccer balls which the kids were very excited about!

When we arrived at Riora the kids performed a wonderful Tharakanithi dance and sang for us. Afterwards we broke the ~50 kids into groups to make bookmarks, color, play outdoor games, Lego building with Captain Lego (Gary) or look for Waldo with Waldo himself (Francis). We then returned to Morning Star for a quick lunch before heading to Kangoya.

When we arrived at Kangoya we briefly toured the grounds and visited the sites of previous TGE donations. In the past, TGE has donated a greenhouse and a library here and both still look great. The greenhouse had newly sprouted cabbage growing inside. After the tour we immediately broke off into groups for activities. After activities, we joined together as a group to make our formal donations. Then we were able to perform a special version of “Old McDonald” utilizing the castanets that the kids had decorated during the craft activity. This was a big hit!

After we departed Kangoya, we headed to a Masaai Market to see and purchase some Kenyan goods. The team made good work of their bargaining skills with the best of them thanks to Reah’s help and walked away with some beautiful hand-beaded souvenirs.

Back at Morning Star we helped prepare dinner with Chefs Benjamin and Dan for us, the staff and the kids at Morning Star. We enjoyed a traditional Kenyan meal together of “Githeri”. The kids also tried and really enjoyed some salad which surprised us all! To finish off the evening we enjoyed an indoor movie with the Morning Star kids complete with popcorn.