Barcelona, Spain – Day 25

July 19, 2015

Yesterday’s post is kind of today’s post too since BBF went till early the next morning. I came home and took a few hours nap. I wouldn’t really say it was going to bed because it wasn’t that much time.

Then I bought the last of the tickets Harrison and I will be needing for our travels next week, our train tickets around Europe. Now everything is finally booked – hostels, train, and air! Yay!

I can’t believe that we’re going into the last four days of the program tomorrow, these four weeks have just flown by….. I’m not ready to be done!!

I spent the entire day doing homework because I have a lot of final papers and miscellaneous other assignments due this week since it’s the final week of class.

For dinner we headed over to Vi Ni Tus for some tapas. Holy moly. It was soooo good. We shared a few different plates: eggplant chips with honey, garlic shrimp, mini chicken brie and caramelized onion sandwiches, roasted veggies, tomato bread, and Spanish omelette. Everything was divine. We got red wine and cava sangrias too.

After dinner we headed home and I kept working on my papers and blog posts.

Lot’s to do!!!

This week we have a lot planned to do since are time is almost up!

  • Monday: labyrinth garden and beer pong at George Payne and maybe Nasty Mondays (haha)
  • Tuesday: Montserrat and Pippermint and TBD
  • Wednesday: Sagrada Familia and either Chainsmokers at Opium or Sutton
  • Thursday: FINALS! And our last night together so we’re staying out all night: Chupitos, Le Cyrano, and Bling Bling! (Harrison’s 19th Birthday!)
  • Friday: most people are leaving today and we have to move out of the apartment by noon so Sarah and I are staying together tonight because her flight isn’t until tomorrow
  • Saturday: Harrison gets to Barcelona at noon!

Don’t make me leave!

xoxo J