Euro Tour – Florence, Italy and Siena, Italy – Day 8

August 1, 2015

Today we woke up and got some disappointing breakfast buffet from downstairs in the hostel and then we headed out to tour Il Duomo. We still had to wait in line for about an hour before we could go inside, then we began our ascent up 463 stairs to see the view of the dome paintings and the vista of Florence. Neither disappointed. Incredible.

After we ran to the train station to catch our train and just made it before the doors closed… Il Duomo took longer than expected. We were off in search of some wild hot springs in Siena called Terme di Petriolo.

After an hour and a half train ride we had a half hour ride to the hot springs, but we made it and it was worth the trip. The sulfur smell was pretty bad but the springs were 104 degrees next to a nice cool river and it felt like some much needed relief for our tired muscles. It was really hot, but in a really beautiful, secluded area. After we stopped for some pizza in a bakery and then went to find the train station. On the way we saw some really awesome vistas.

The train ride back did not go as planned when a storm hit and they stopped our train for two hours… The hour and a half back ended up taking around four and a half hours… It was so ridiculous and they gave us no explanations at all. Awful. And it ruined our plan to see sunset at the Arno River that evening.

Finallyyyyyy we made it back to Florence and headed to meet up with our Irish friends from Rome. We hung out for a little bit in the bar downstairs in the hostel before deciding to go to Flo. But because of the rain Flo ended up being closed so we had to change our route and go to Space. Ash, Matt, and I were in a cab together though and where we turned around happened to be the Piazzale Michaelangelo! Talk about good luck! The view was stunning! Florence was all lit up and I am so glad that we got to see this.

Eventually we made it to Space and met up with everyone else where Ash made a repeat performance of buying bottles and got everyone into VIP at Space so that was fun.

xoxo J