My second week in Kenya was spent on an amazing safari in the Masai Mara. To say my expectations were exceeded would be a huge understatement. Wow. I never guessed we would have seen so many and gotten so close to the animals.

In 5 days, we saw…

  • 68 lions
  • 12 cheetahs
  • 1 leopard 
  • 1 serval

We stayed at…

  • Kicheche Valley Camp in the Naboisho Conservancy
  • Kicheche Mara Camp in the Mara North Conservancy 

Highlight of the trip…

We were watching a group of lion cubs feeding when we heard a jackal barking in the distance. Our driver, Bernard, immediately knew that there was a leopard nearby and took off in search of it. We found it with a fresh kill and followed it to see it drink from the river a mere three feet from our open vehicle. But we weren’t the only ones who knew the leopard was here and one of the lioness’ had appeared, ready to protect her cubs. Quickly, a chase ensued with both animals roaring at each other. Then the other two lioness’ appeared. Luckily, the leopard was able to scramble up into a tree top and barely escaped with it’s life – thank goodness!

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