Well… Today officially marks three months until graduation! June 16th it’ll be all over!

I would be remiss to say I’m not completely longing for the end of this program and the receipt of diploma #2.

I’m excited for a change of pace. These four years have flown by and while they have been great, I feel ready to leave. A feeling I have to attribute to my overwhelming senioritis. I really don’t think I could have done this program if I had decided to pursue my MBA as a fifth year (mad props to all the fifth and sixth years in this program!). So in that respect I’m lucky, but I also have never dreaded going to school in my life, until now. It’s a weird feeling because in elementary school I was the one racing to be the first done with a math quiz (which is kind of unbelievable looking back on it)!

It’s funny how fast time has gone by when I think back. It feels like yesterday I was playing freeze tag in third grade, designing my dream home at recess during fifth grade, falling in love for the first time, building class floats for the homecoming parade, or applying to colleges. Now here I am, with an undergraduate degree and on the verge of graduating with my masters (in 12 short long weeks).

The closer it gets to the end the more fondly reminiscent I am of all of everything that has happened to me these last 22 years. Now, I’m about to take the biggest step of my life so far and get a “big girl” job. The idea is daunting and terrifying, but completely exciting. The more I look at jobs and send out applications, I wonder what I’ll be doing and where I’ll end up next year. Wow. How did I get here?

I guess I’ll just have to keep taking it one day at a time and enjoy every minute of these next 12 weeks…

xoxo J