Euro Tour – Ibiza, Spain – Day 4

July 28, 2015

Breakfast was included at this hostel so we ate a quick breakfast downstairs. Today we decided to go to Formentera the 6th most beautiful beach in the world!!!!! I know, awesome. So we started the day by walking through Ibiza exploring, before we caught a ferry to Formentera (about a 40 minute ride). We got to Formentera and walked around for a little bit and checked out a cool hippy market on the edge of the marina.

We grabbed some pizza after at a restaurant in the marina. Then we went off in search of some beach. We found it after about a 10 minute walk. So incredibly stunning – whit sand beaches, crystal clear blue water, and sea grass growing in the dunes. Ugh gorgeous. We laid here and swam in the water for about two hours before we headed back to catch our ferry back to Ibiza.

We got back to our hotel and showered up so that we could go see Hardwell at Ushuaia (an EDM DJ). We got there at around 9:00ish and headed inside, luckily with no complications since we scalped our tickets the night before! When we went in the gave us free Venetian Masks, but I didn’t have anywhere to put it and didn’t want to wear it so I lost it pretty quick. First we saw Afrojack and he was really good and then Hardwell came on and he was even better. We danced and made friends with a group of people from Holland and they gave us some tips on Amsterdam. At a little after midnight the show ended and we caught a taxi back to the hostel. Then we tried to get some sleep since we would have to leave at 6:45 the next morning to go to the airport to go to Rome.

xoxo J