Euro Tour – Barcelona, Spain and Ibiza, Spain – Day 3

July 27, 2015

We overslept checkout by a little bit after a late night and had to scramble to leave… But finally it was Monday morning and I could go mail my stuff home. It ended up being such a struggle. We first walked all the way to a place where the mail office was supposed to be, but it ended up not being there at all so we had to go find another location. Finally we got everything mailed out!

Afterwards we walked to the Sagrada Familia, but since the mailing ended up being such a disaster we didn’t get to go inside L Good thing the outside is still cool!

After we walked to Brunch and Cake for some brunch (duh). It was going to be a 45 minute wait and we were starving so we walked across the street for some of the best gelato at De La Crème. Finally we got seated and we got the chicken and pico de gallo sandwich. So bomb. I couldn’t even eat half of mine though because I was full from the gelato.

Then we headed over to Citadel Park to see the Arc de Triomf and the fountain. We considered going to the zoo too since we had time to kill, but it was super expensive.

We chilled in the park for a little bit before going to collect our bags at the hostel. It ended up being a rush to catch the train, but we made it!

The train took us to the airport and then we transferred terminals to Terminal 1 for our flight to Ibiza. Our flight ended up being delayed like an hour and a half, so that sucked.

Finally we got to Ibiza and got to our hostel, Hostel Giramundo. Here we had our own room too, so that was awesome. But no AC and it was soooooo hot that I didn’t even sleep at night L

After checking in we headed out to find some food since it was 11:00 and we were starving. We ended up eating at a really cool restaurant on the water and I had some delicious scallops and Harrison had a seafood risotto. This place was so cool and had such an awesome view.

Then we headed back to get some sleep – or in my case no sleep.

xoxo J