Barcelona, Spain – Day 4

June 28, 2015

Today, we finally got to sleep in which was so nice! We really needed to catch up on some sleep to adjust to Spain a little bit better and it helped immensely.

Since no one was rushing out of bed, Alison and I were the only ones awake for a while and we were hungry so we decided to get brunch a couple doors down at a OMA Bistro. It’s a really cute eclectic little cafe full of lots of reclaimed items with ladders hanging on the walls. We spent a little while there, hanging out until everyone else woke up.

After that we headed to the metro and went to Barceloneta and spent the better part of the day relaxing oceanside soaking up some vitamin D. The beach was absolutely packed, but we got a nice spot down near the water. It was pretty hot, but the water was nearby and wasn’t too cold. There were a LOT of topless women around and far too many people walking around trying to sell things. It was also a VERY sketchy pickpocketing scene and we saw a woman who was giving massages rob the woman she was massaging and take off running. Pick pocketing is so bad here because if the item is under 400 euros then the person is only fined and not jailed or given any harsh form of punishment so they continue to steal and those small items add up quickly.

After we got our fill of the sun we decided to find some food and we walked around Port Vell in search of some paella. We got some really good paella and enjoyed some humor with a funny waiter at dinner. Sofie and I shared a vegetable paella and it was delicious.

After we headed back home on the metro and got back at around 10:00 and settled in for a relaxing night to follow an equally relaxing day before classes start the next morning.

What the week holds:

  • I have two classes, Spanish and Contemporary Spain, Monday through Thursday from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm and each class is 2.5 hours long.
  • Friday through Sunday there is a CEA excursion to Valencia and Albufera that we are going on that should be really fun!
  • A lot more sightseeing!
  • More beach time 😉
  • I desperately need to pick up a few essential grocery items because I have no food and I’m down to my last protein bar…
  • TBD… 😉

Keep following along!

Hope you are enjoying reading about my great adventure as much as I am doing it haha

xoxo J