Valencia/Barcelona, Spain – Day 11

July 5, 2015

Today we woke up, packed up and headed to get some breakfast upstairs again.

Then we checked out of the hotel and got on the bus to return to Barcelona. Another four hour drive and truck stop later and we were back in good, old Barcelona!

I took a nap after getting back because the exhaustion has definitely caught up with me… It was a pretty lazy day of napping, bus ride, homework, blogging, and hanging out.

Unfortunately my feet, ankles, and legs are extremely swollen and incredibly uncomfortable. It is also like in China and it feels like theres fluid sitting on the tops of my feet that is really gross feeling when I walk. I don’t know why I am so swollen, whether it is travel stress, the heat, or the amount of time I spend on my feet everyday… But I am not a fan.

Thanks for following along!

xoxo J