Geneva, Switzerland/Barcelona, Spain – Day 18

July 12, 2015

Today we woke up and had some breakfast and then packed up and cleaned up the apartment. We headed out a little bit early, hoping to go to a nearby chocolate store, but when we got there it was closed 🙁 So we got back on the metro and headed towards the train station to check out what time the trains left for the airport.

After figuring out what time we wanted to leave, we went to seek out some hot chocolate because Sarah really wanted to get some while we were in Switzerland. It turned out to be harder than we thought to find some in this area. But we did find a store to buy some Swiss chocolate and we spent some time looking around in there and then looking around at souvenirs.

Then across the street we found out that the restaurant did actually serve hot chocolate so Sarah, Addie, Alison, and Sofie ordered some. Unfortunately my fears were right and it was just powdered hot chocolate, not the real deal that she was hoping for…

Then, we headed over and caught our train to the airport. At the airport we were pretty early and hungry so we decided to get some lunch in the food court after going through security and stayed there until it was time to head towards our gate.

Our flight was delayed by ten minutes. Could have been worse. It’s weird how you walk out the runway to meet the planes here. I’m not used to that. Also, they board the planes from the front AND back. Weird.

The flight went by quick and I got in a nap. (I take whatever sleep I can get haha) We took the train back from the airport and then walked from the station back to our apartment. Once we got back we all had a bunch of homework to do so we dove right in and worked on that until we went to bed.

It will be interesting to hear about everyone else’s weekends tomorrow. A bunch of people went to the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona and were planning on running! I really wanted to go to that, but we booked this trip so I couldn’t unfortunately. Oh well.

xoxo J