Barcelona, Spain/Girona, Spain/Tossa de Mar, Spain – Day 23

July 17, 2015

At 9 AM we headed to University of Barcelona to get on the bus for a CEA day trip to Girona and Tossa de Mar.

The first stop was to Girona and it took about 1:15 to get there. I got a much needed nap in on the drive there. Then we went on a tour of Girona for about an hour and a half or so. On the tour we learned about how Girona used to be controlled by the Romans, we saw some ruins of Roman housing and we toured a big Cathedral. Girona is really pretty and has a lot of stone stairs. Like a lot of stairs haha. At the end of the tour I kissed the but of this little statue on a pole that is famed for the myth that if you kiss the butt you will someday return to Girona.

Then we had free time and went to get lunch. The first place we tried to go to seated us and then proceeded to ignore us, so we left and went to find somewhere else. The place we ended up had a fixed menu where for 10 euros you got cafe con leche, a goat cheese salad, and a veggie burger. Pretty good deal and good food. The veggie burger wasn’t so much a burger as it was a carrot pancake with hummus on it. Not quite what we had expected.

Then we got back on the bus and drove 45 minutes to Tossa de Mar. Once here we went on another hour long tour around the city and saw Ava Gardner overlook where there is an Ava Gardner statue commemorating a scene in the movie Pandora and the Flying Dutchman, we saw some amazing views, and we also saw and walked on some walls that surrounded the city that used to be for protection from pirates. Then commenced free time aka beach time. Tossa de Mar is one of the prettiest beaches I have been to. I wish I could get the pictures to upload because it was such a cool spot.

The water was nice and cool and we swam out to the farthest buoy and back and then laid on the beach enjoying the day and listening to music. We had about two hours of free time before we had to head back to meet up with the group.

Then we drove another hour and a half back to Barcelona. It was a pretty cool day. They definitely deceived us about the amount of touring vs. free time we would have and I think the tours could have definitely been shorter, but I certainly don’t regret going!

Once home some of my roommates started to take some naps and I got caught up on some homework. Then we got ready to go out for Sarah’s birthday!

First we headed to Dow Jones for round three. At midnight we celebrated Sarah’s birthday and we spent a little while hanging out here with our favorite bartender Yaiza the Party Animal before heading to Opium to meet up with Aashi and to get a VIP table for Sarah’s birthday.

We got there ten minutes late and missed free entry so we had to pay to get in, total bummer. Once in we had to wait for a little while for Aashi to show up and when he did the tables were all full so he hooked us up with a spot at the bar behind the DJ. We ended up staying here really late and then we went to go walk around on the beach before going home.

Somehow I ended up losing my keys tonight 🙁 and I was with other friends at the end of the night not my roommates so I crashed on the couch at a friends apartment because I didn’t think I would be able to get into our building/apartment. Thank goodness for friends with extra couches haha.

It was quite a long day, but very fun!


xoxo J