Euro Tour – Rome, Italy and Florence, Italy – Day 7

July 31, 2015

Our morning didn’t exactly go as planned on account of staying out so late and we overslept check out for the second time so far… Luckily one of our roommates decided to travel on to Florence and Venice with us! Yay!! The Chileans laughed at us as we rushed hurriedly to pack up all of our stuff and leave haha.

The three of us caught a train to Florence and got to Florence an hour and a half later. We walked to our hostel from the station – the point when I really started hating my suitcase because it is a pile of trash. We got to our next hostel, PLUS Florence, and Ash was able to get a room on the same floor as us. Harrison and I were in a four-person room with a bathroom here. Our roommates hadn’t arrived yet. This hostel was cool because it had a panoramic terrace and a POOL!

After putting our stuff in the room we decided to check out the pool and do a little swimming that we had been craving. The pool was freezing, but it was worth it. After a little swimming we decided to do some sightseeing and we headed out the door in our bathing suits with towels in hand. Maybe that wasn’t the best decision…

We walked around for a while and saw a lot of monuments including Museo de Accademia where the Statue of David is (we didn’t get to go inside because it was sold out for the duration of our stay), Il Duomo, the Bell Tower, and the Uffizi Museum.

After touring around we went and changed out of our clothes and grabbed some salad in the restaurant downstairs. Harrison and I met our roommates and they ended up being a brother and sister from San Ramon! So Ironic!!

We also did some much-needed laundry. In the laundry room Harrison made a friend and we decided to go out to a karaoke bar called the Red Garter with their group. We’re pretty good at making friends. They were all really cool, but the bar was too intense for us so we left with one other guy from that group and started heading home. On the way we stopped in an Irish pub called Finnegan’s for some Guiness because Ash really wanted some. Then we got some late night kebap because our mealtimes for the day were so off and we were hungry.

Not the night we expected, especially considering we hadn’t planned to go out at all, but it was worth walking around and seeing everything lit up at night. After we headed back to the Hostel and booked train tickets to Siena and tickets to tour Il Duomo before going to bed.

xoxo J