Euro Tour – Rome, Italy – Day 6

July 30, 2015

Today we all woke up and five out of the six of us in our room decided to head out on a sightseeing adventure. We grabbed a quick sandwich from a deli near Termini Station on our way out and headed to the Colosseum first. We took some pictures here and decided that three of us would come back later to tour it because the other two already had. The Colosseum is seriously cool, I can’t even believe how stunning it is up close and personal. Its beauty doesn’t even compare to pictures. I can’t even describe it, but it’s a definite must see. Wow. We also saw what my guess is was an Arc de Triomf here and Palestine Hill.

After that we made our way towards the Vatican. Which ended up being quite a walk… Like a really long walk like maybe 5 miles along the river haha. (I think all in all today we walked like 14 or 15 miles!) First, we ended up at what we guessed was the Vatican (because embarrassingly we really had no idea what it looked like…Oops), but what actually turned out to be Castel Sant’Angelo haha. We quickly realized our mistake and headed to the actual Vatican which wasn’t too much further away. We got there and began our wait in line. It was a long hot wait, but finally we made it in! We even made friends with a Greek guy in line. The architecture and the intricacies of the Vatican were so stunning!!! Rome is blowing my mind with how cool it is, seriously.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to go inside the Sistine Chapel because it closed at 4:00 and we didn’t have enough time to get over to the entrance and get inside L I really wish we could have, so disappointing….

At this point we were really hungry so we decided to walk and find some food. We walked probably another two miles until we found a cheap café and grabbed a quick bite here. Then we made our plans. We decided to go see Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps before parting ways so that three of us could go tour the Colosseum. We went to the Spanish Steps first and climbed them all to check out the view. The stones of the steps were really hot from absorbing all the sunlight throughout the day. While we were here, the weather turned really quickly and a giant storm hit us. We’re talking big drops, buckets of rain, thunder and lightning!!!! Oh, how I missed storms!

The problem was we had no umbrellas and were walking to Trevi Fountain so we ended up soaking wet… After getting lost probably ten times we made it to Trevi Fountain only to find that it was being refurbished L Sucks! So much stuff throughout Europe is undergoing restoration right now so we’ve been met with a lot of disappointment.

Here, we parted ways and the three of us headed over to the Colosseum. Unfortunately, they closed early today because of the rain so we didn’t get to tour the Colosseum L Missing this and the Sistine Chapel are my biggest regrets of Rome, for sure.

After some disappointment we headed back to The Yellow to meet up with our roomies. We got some food downstairs in the pub where Harrison considered doing a burger challenge called “The Beast.”

After dinner we got cleaned up and made our plans for the night. We decided to go to Rome Ultimate Party! This planning process has become one of the biggest groups between our group of roommates… “Where’s the party?” “Rome ultimate party!” “Yeah, but where is it?” “Rome ultimate party!!!!” So unexplainably funny haha.

We went to a Scottish bar first, Highlander Rome before heading over to Rome Ultimate Party where one of our roommates proceeded to repeat last night and buy more bottles haha. He is now a legend and is know as “Ash Crazy Bottle Man.” It ended up being a super fun night and we didn’t make it to bed until around 7 in the morning. EEK. Worth it.

xoxo J