Euro Tour – Barcelona, Spain – Day 2

July 26, 2015

Today we ended up sleeping in a little bit and then we decided to go to Barceloneta for a while. Harrison passed out on the beach inevitably (so jetlagged). I swam in the water for a while and it was really nice.

Then we headed back home to shower and clean ourselves up so that we could go to Park Guell (my favorite place in Barcelona). We got there a little early so we hiked through the free open space and scoped some awesome vistas. Then we chilled for a little bit at a café outside the entrance and ordered some sangria. Finally it was time to go inside the main part of the park. I love Park Guell, it is so stunning and unique. It was originally planned to be a large development of homes, financed by Guell and designed by Gaudi, but after they had erected two sample homes they only succeeded in scaring potential buyers away because of the extremity of the design. That’s why there is so much open land around Park Guell.

We then headed back over by our hostel and headed out in search of some pintxos. Pintxos are the Euskal aka Basque Country’s interpretation of tapas and it is usually a small serving of tapas on top of a slice of baguette. We walked through a different place than I usually go to try and find some, but didn’t succeed. We ended up just getting pintxos at a chain restaurant called Txapela. Mediocre pintxos, but easy. Then we got some gelato on our walk back to the hostel.

Tonight we decided to go to Dow Jones bar – the stock market bar. We got there and I was really excited to see that Yaiza the Party Animal was working. She’s my favorite. It was pretty empty tonight, but we made friends with a group of three guys from Singapore. They were really chill. The five of us ended up closing down the bar and hanging out with Yaiza. After we went with Yaiza to Apollo, a nearby club. We made it home super late which is funny because we had no intention of going clubbing at all tonight, but it was a fun night. Harrison is now obsessed with stock market bars and wants to open one in SLO hahaha.

Tomorrow we are off to Ibiza for a couple of days.

xoxo J