TGE Trip 2019 – Day 6 9/1

Today is our final day in Kenya… And we had a lot to accomplish during our last few hours at Morning Star. On today’s agenda: fixing the merry-go-round, building a bed, organizing the tool and supply rooms, and finally the closing ceremony. Drew and Harrison set to work, broke out the tools, and fixed the merry-go-round and built a bed (from random pieces) in record time! While they did that, Gary got the tool shed into order and Susan, Terri, and Jordan reorganized the supply stock and sorted out donations.

Alternatively, Rod and Ming met with Jude Jomo MT, a member of the Kenyan Parliament (equivalent of the US House of Representatives), to talk further about the details surrounding the upcoming music program.
After our productive morning, we enjoyed our final meal by Chef Benjamin and then gathered in the courtyard for the closing ceremony. To start, we handed out the Waldo shirts and completed beanies to each of the Morning Star kids and gathered for group photos to commemorate our week in Kenya. Then we sang songs together and did one final performance of the penguin song. Next, a handful of kids expressed their thanks for our visit and then two groups of kids performed amazing acrobatic routines full of human pyramids, flips, and human towers! We were all in awe of their strength and carefully choreographed performances.

Then we had our turn to share our thanks for allowing us to share this incredible week with them before sadly, it was time for goodbyes. Many tears were shed as we hugged goodbye, but while we are so sad to be leaving, we know that this isn’t goodbye for good and the memories from this week will hold us over until we can return again. Our group is unique in that more than half of the attendees this week have made more than one trip with The Giving Exchange. We each have been so impacted by our experiences during this week and on past visits that we can’t help but to count the days until we can see these bright, smiling faces again. A message to those considering a trip to Kenya next year – come!!! You won’t regret it. You will leave a better person and have a deep understanding of what is truly important in life. These people are a wonderful example of the good in humanity. You will gain more than you give.