Barcelona, Spain – Day 19

July 13, 2015

Back to class today… Bummer haha

I love my Spanish class though. It’s really fun! Me encanta Profesora Blanca. Plus we have like the best group, it’s all Cal Poly students. I wouldn’t mind going everyday if that was my only class.

I enjoy learning the content of my other class, it’s just very difficult to sit through and it is so much work…

In Spanish today we went to the Mercat de Santa Caterina on a field study for a Spanish menu assignment to find prices and practice our Spanish. But when we were walking in I got pooped on by a pigeon! But I think it was a monster pigeon because there was so much poop and it was EVERYWHERE! All over the side of my dress and the side of my backpack and the top of my backpack in my zippers 🙁 I missed most of the exercise trying to clean up in the bathroom with toilet paper because there were no paper towels. It basically sucked. They say it’s good luck, but I don’t feel very lucky…

We headed back to CEA after for our next class. After class was done we decided to go back to the market and pick up some groceries, but it was closing so we just bought some of the yummy fresh juice really quick before heading to Corte Ingles to get groceries.

Let me tell you walking a mile home laden in groceries in the hot sun, humidity, and 90 degree weather is not very fun. And people on the sidewalks here NEVER move out of the way for you or adjust their path at all, they aim straight for you I swear! It’s very aggressive…

Finally, I made it home and did some homework, cooked dinner, and showered. Then at 8:45 we headed to George Payne for Monday night beer pong! Team Tequila (Sarah and I) finally got signed up this week and got to play! We lost in the first round, but we didn’t do too bad and we had fun playing!

After we headed to Shoko with a bunch of people for one of the girls’ birthdays because there was free entry and they had gotten VIP tables. But somehow Sarah and I ended up in VIP and Addie couldn’t get in with us, so we didn’t stay in VIP with everyone else, but we still had lots of fun dancing for a while before calling it a night.

xoxo J